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Happy and Colorful Greetings to my friends coming to my new website. It is long past due and there are things I need to add as time lets me.

Many changes are coming along to my life. Two years ago I lost my husband of 45 years to cancer and the next year I found out I had cancer. After treatment I am cancer free. Hooray. Now, my daughter and her 15 year old and 12 year old will be moving in which is quite wonderful. Both children are straight A students and really very thoughtful and sweet.

I needed to free up my studio in the daylight basement for a TV family room for the kids and so my Happy news is I have a new studio space in a wonderful space about five minutes from my house. My daughter in law helped me pack a studio I have had for 28 years. Imagine! Oh so many treasures I had forgotten about and lots to go to the Mission store. You cannot keep everything. I gave away a few quilts and lots of gadgets, gizmos and dolls, projects, baskets etc etc. It felt great to purge.  Tomorrow I move in. I will be posting photos here and there and I will have them on my blog and Facebook. I am so excited to have a new clean space in Bright warm yellow and turquoise. Just the thing to be creative. Later on I will have a SMALL retail space but not for awhile.

I have some patterns I am developing and hopefully some kits once my fabric gets there. They tell me spring. I am working on some smaller little story quilts. Fun ideas and embroidery and some beads make them extra fun!

Speaking of story quilts I will be teaching this at and also at John C. Campbell Folk School the end of May. I have some drawings I am bringing to help out. My new book will be available then also.

“Hoochy Twochy” is at the printers but most likely with their schedule it will not be done until after Christmas. I am down the list. I am including the seven styles of fabric and what Is wrong with your stash you might want to think about. There are secrets to making a great quilt and sometimes its nice to see how to improve your colors and impact. I am excited about the whimsical dogs, cats and fish in the book plus other fun things for happy quilts. Who doesn't want to be happy?

If you are wondering about other information you would like to see with “hoochy easy piecing” or Story quilts, drop me a note at

I would love to hear from you. Soon we will be into the New Year and I am looking for 2017 to be a year filled with happy surprises and positive people.  And I am wishing that for you as well friend. Thank you for stopping by.

                    Mary Lou

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