Summer 2019 -Mary Lou's Story Quilt and Farm Chick Experience

Cost $750. Non refundable deposit $150. due now. Balance paid off by April 30 please.



You will come in the day before on the 1st of June to our airport -GEG or drive   I can come and pick you u at the airport if you do not have a car.

The next day we will all meet at 9:30 am . We will stop for local donuts as we start our day!

 Then we will go to  Farm Chicks Antiques and Collectible Sale. I pay the fee here, If you purchase things that need to be sent I can get boxes and bubble wrap and we can get them sent.  After the sale we will visit other sites in Spokane that are fun and interesting.  Maybe even a castle that a man built and lives in. It is quite unique and really fun. The Davenport Hotel as a nice stop as is Manito Park and Brown's Addition where they usually have a juried craft sale the same day. This is beautiful and historic and where our Mueum is located.

If you do not know what Farm Chicks is, look it up online. It is a huge antique and collectible sale and thousands of people fly in for two days to buy cool things. There are lots of old linens and old quilts that are either decent or good cutter quilts for quilts you are making. There is jewelry,clothing, cowboy boots, nostalgia things, furniture and four big buildins that are chock full! I will bring a quilt that I used old quilts as part of my story. I would like to do more and want to show you.

That night of the 2nd, I will be taking you all to my favorite Pizza Spot called Perry Street Pizza. I order around ten pizzas of all kinds and some salads and we all get to know one another. 

The day we go to Farm Chicks Please keep your sewing things in your room until Monday morning so it will be safe.

Monday through Thursday we will be meeting at 8:30 to 4:30. And we can go back and sew each evening until 8:00. This includes Thursday so we can count it as a full day and not half a day.

This year I do not have my studio there as in the past so they are charging me much more money. So that I do not have to change more than the $750. fee I have decided to do all full meals. Breakfast will be simple but lunches, dinners and snacks will be substantial and GOOD. We have collected delicious recipes and will be eating them at the retreat center and possibly more than one dinner at my home. 

I will have simple breakfast and snack things available each day. 

We have a popular barbeque place here called LongHorn and I am having them barbeque a turkey for us for Wednesday. We will be having potato salad (My Grandmothers Fab recipe, coleslaw, corn bread and I am hoping my daughter will make two of her delicious apple pies for us. 

We collected four awesome salad recipes and will serve them with meat dishes and homemade desserts etc. Food will be great and you won't go away hungry. 

A small breakfast will be provided and also snacks all day 

I provide nice gifts daily. This is a highlight and I love buying for this and I have two lovely fabric companies that are very generous. 

On day two of the workshop we will do our field trip to the Quilting Bee and another nice quilt shop in Coeur d'Alene. . We will visit two nice gift shops if we have time and also eat lunch at the Coeur d'Alene hotel on the lake in Idaho. I pay for lunch there as well. That is always a highlight. The lake is beautiful and Coeur d'Alene is fun. We will come back to the classroom and for those that have energy we will keep it open until 8:00.

Story Quilts, and Self Portraits Mary Lou style will be offered as well as some super ideas for great borders and easy piecing! I have been doing many self portraits and love it because the idea is who you are on the inside not what you look like. I have a seriues of Christmas tree quilts that are heavily embellished and fun that you might want to try. I will be bringing other things and of coarse story quilts to tell the world about you and who and what you love. I am doing some new notes that will give you more fun ideas.

My new book has dogs and cats and fish and birds and flowers and fun things where the sky is the limit! 

. We will also be doing fairy gifts for fun. If you do not know what this is, it is in the handouts I will send you.

Cost is $750. and I ask for $150. deposit now. And Please have this paid off by the end of April.  This deposit is non-refundable. Many people have paid the full price already.


You can pay the deposit or the full fee here

This will be my 11th year of having a summer retreat. I have had retreats during all times of the year but the June retreat is the longest running. Spokane is a beautiful city in the summer or anytime. And I have to say the girls who come often repeat and they make friends for a lifetime. It is a lovely experience for us all.

If you are wondering what types of quilts I make go to BING or Google or Pinterest and type in my name, and then type in Mary Lou Weidman Quilts. Its fun!

For a hotel close to where we will be, the address of the class is 2406 South Dishman-Mica Road. It is off Argonne and Sprague the zip is 99206. There are many hotels close by. If you are not sure ask and I can ask girls which one they recommend. 

        Quality Inn, Spokane Valley offering complimentary breakfast buffet and evening cookies. 800-777-7355

  • Holiday Inn Express, Spokane Valley 509-927-7100
  • Oxford Suites, Spokane Valley 509-847-1000

I am working on a quilt with a man and a woman standing. If you think you would like to do a quilt of a couple I can make patterns for the class. If you think you would like to do sisters you could also use the pattern and repeat the female. :0) 

This year I am also pulling out muslin kits and my paints to give you a chance to paint a short story. Its easy and fun! If you are new to painting on fabric it is easy and makes great wallhangings. This will be in addition to your sewing a real story quilt. :0)

       Looking forward to seeing who our new Retreat friends will be. This was full earlier last year and a couple people have weddings this summer so we hope to fill them. :0) 



Photos of some of my work to give you ideas. 


Retreat 4 Retreat 5
 Retreat 7