June 4-8th 2017

This years retreat starts with us all putting on our tiaras and heading out to Farm Chicks for a delightful day! 

We will get to visit Farm Chicks and some other iconic places in Spokane, Unload our sewing machines and things and go to dinner at Perry Street Pizza.  We wil be all set up and ready to rock and roll the next morning!
Day 5,6,7,8, we will sew the entire day and have creativity fun. Mary Lou will tell you her new ideas, show her ideas from her NEW book you probably would not have  thought of, show you what she is working on in her studio and we will take a field trip to Coeur d'Alene Idaho and have lunch at Dockside (the Coeur d'Alene Hotel and have a wonderful lunch plus maybe a delicious huckleberry milkshake! Lots of fun and prizes during the week! 
We will hold the workshop at the classroom next door to Mary Lou's studio. A lovely large room with good light and a kitchen attached.  Will be fun to share the joy of both places with you. There are two massage therapists here that have offices in this complex if you feel tense for some crazy reason. Haha. There is also an amazing latte stand across the street from here.
Miss Tina will be cooking another year and coming all of the way from LA. We are hoping Miss Molly will be coming too
Cost is $750.  $400. non-refundable is due now
$350. balance is due June1 Please. 

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